Spring 2015 Makeup Trends

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Learn about The Nude Makeup look.

This look is a take on the “No Makeup Makeup,” which doesn’t actually mean NO makeup. We have literally been seeing it everywhere from runways to Red Carpets.  The idea behind this is to look fresh and natural with only hints of makeup. We use a light foundation just to even out the skin tone and a soft glowing blush.  The eyeshadow should be very neutral and lip color works best if it’s a tinted balm. I also like to dab a bit of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes, the top of the cheek bones and the above the center of the upper lip.  And remember blending is key! When you think you’ve blended enough, blend a little bit more!


A great trick for perfect eyeliner.

Rather than drawing a solid line, I actually wiggle the pencil between the lashes. Then I will go over the lash line with a clean brush. This last step is just to insure everything is completely blended.


What the latest look for eyebrows are.

Eyebrows continue to be a big deal and I’m really loving the new look for spring. The bigger the better.  And what is new and interesting about this  is the “natural” shape. It’s almost perfectly unkempt. I would choose a shadow over and pencil and use a clear gel mascara to comb the brows up and away from the centre of your face. And if you're feeling brave, give yourself a bit of time to grow them in, then go see your local brow technician for a shaping.


How to make your lips look full and beautiful.

I have noticing a lot of overlined lips, but in the most subtle way. The best way to do this is to slightly pull your lip up and use your pencil to trace right along your lip line. What this does is, when you let go you'll have overlined only by a fraction. This will prevent that bad 90's look we all remember. You know with the brown eyeliner and the pale pink lipstick?


And what are the latest colors for lips!?

What's different about this bold lip, is that you can be very adventurous with color. Everything from pink to a deep magenta.  And actually, popping on a magenta lip might just be the perfect way to take your nude look and turn it into a party look.