Shopping In My Closet

If you're like me, you have a closet full of clothes that you love but never wear. You wake up with just enough time in the morning to throw on a t-shirt and jeans and go the rest of the day wishing you looked better. Recently I was inspired by a stylist friend of mine, Arianne Young, to find items in my closet that I rarely or have never worn. For me this was easy. It was all the items that have been spared from the "donation bag" time and time again but I can never seem to make them work. Arianne uses the phrase, shopping in your closet, so now I do too.

Monday : My Vince trousers I got one NYC trip, 3 years ago!!

The issue : I have wide hips, these pants are tapered and they always made me feel fat...

The solution : After, quite literally, an hour of trying on EVERY top I own with these pants, I came to the conclusion that a tucked in, tight shirt was my solution to counter act the bulky pants. A belt seemed to tie things together and a scarf around my neck balanced out how big my butt felt. Heels to compliment the belt and make my legs feel less stumpy. Over all I felt awesome and got many compliments this day.

For fun I threw on Lady Bug lipstick by MAC . Lipstick has a way of dressing up any outfit.

Tuesday : Province of Canada Sweatshirt

The issue : This awesome top does get a lot of play in my life but always as "lounge wear." Thing is, I'm a nerd for Canadiana and I really wanted to wear it out into the world.

The solution : For this look I turned to Pinterest, which I do NOT think is cheating. It is the mother ship of creativity! I found a picture of a girl wearing a printed sweatshirt that said Crème de La Crème and copied the rest of her outfit exactly. I'm also very proud to say that I have had these JBrand jeans and navy blue Chucks for who knows how long and haven't brought them out in at least a year. Success all around!

For fun I threw on Lovelorn lipstick by MAC.

Wednesday : Raw Silk "The Podolls" button up dress shirt from Body Politic.

The issue : I'm obsessed with this top. The color, the texture, the attention to detail. But it's flouncy...and back to me having those dang wide hips, I have never found a way to wear it and still feel like my body was being flattered.

The solution : I feel like a dumby here, but it did in fact take me 4 years to try wearing this top open and layered. Which should be a lesson to all of those non fashionista's like me! Look beyond how the item is SUPPOSED to be worn.  I added the Stella and Dot necklace to make my body look long and lean and wore my Second Denim Winter White Yoga Jeans, because they are amazing.

For fun I threw on Rebel lipstick by MAC.

Thursday : Hermes Scarf gifted to me by my wonderful mother on my 30th birthday.

The issue : It always felt too fancy to wear. Silly, I know.

The Solution : I turned once again to the internet and found inspiration from a fashion icon, Solange Knowles. For the record, the rest of this outfit, the Canadian Tuxedo, is an absolute staple in my day to day life. But thanks to a little help from Solange I upped the fashion capital of this "go to" and felt awesome all day.

For fun I threw on Shy Girl lipstick from MAC.

Friday : The piece that started it all. This gorgeous silk top from Body Politic that I brought out when Arianne asked me to show her something from my wardrobe that I love but never wear.

The issue : It has a wide neck, it's flouncy and I never felt completely covered in it.

The Solution : Layering! Who knew?! Arianne put this one together for me in a split second! Paired with a white, collared button up and a statement piece from Stella and Dot all of a sudden the top worked!

For Fun I threw on Hang Up lipstick by MAC.

At the end of the week the most important thing I learned was dressing well takes work. It took me on average an hour each night to put these looks together and I really had to flex my fashion muscles. But my hope is that, like any muscle that gets worked out, it'll get stronger.

It also needs time to rest, which is why Saturday I was right back into a white t-shirt and jeans!